Wafer Size 8 inch
Wafer Thickness 725±25μm
Chip Size 20.0mm■
Layer Layer1: wiring layer
Metal Material Cu
Cu Thickness 3~4μm
Number of Pad 36 pads
Pad Size 160μm■
Measurement Pad Size 2.2mm●
Number of Chip 57 chips
Evaluation Pattern

Comb pattern
Comb pattern L/S dimension
① L/S=10.0μm/10.0μm
② L/S=7.0μm/7.0μm
③ L/S=5.0μm/5.0μm
④ L/S=3.0μm/3.0μm
⑤ L/S=2.5μm/2.5μm
⑥ L/S=2.0μm/2.0μm
⑦ L/S=2.1μm/1.9μm
⑧ L/S=2.2μm/1.8μm
⑨ L/S=2.3μm/1.7μm
⑩ L/S=1.8μm/2.2μm

*interdigital pattern length:2mm

Wiring pattern for break check
3.0μm, 2.5μm, 2.0μm, 1.8μm (length: 2.0mm, 1.0mm)