Jabil Solder Paste Evaluation Board and Kit

Jabil Solder Paste Evaluation

Board and Kit


This kit can be used to evaluate new solder paste and its performance for stencil printing and reflow characteristics. The kit can also be used to evaluate the compatibility with wave and rework chemistries. Other uses include ICT probability, comparison studies with different types of solder pastes, as well as internal development and evaluation.


The Jabil Solder Paste Evaluation Test Board is a good test design to evaluate solder paste. The bottom side of the test board has three 0.5mm pitch CTBGA84 patterns and three 0.4mm pitch CVBGA360 patterns which are used for solder paste volume measurements.

The test board also has two bridging test patterns used to measure bridging after print. The pitch of pads of one pattern ranges from 8 to 20 mils.


The test board includes patterns for evaluation of bridging, wetting, solder balling, voiding and graping. The wetting pattern includes 12 vertical and 12 horizontal lines. The solder balling pattern includes 16 overprinted pads of 20 mil diameter and the graping pattern includes 4 columns of 6 pads.


Patterns for testing include:

 *  Bridging patterns?

 *  Wetting/spread testing?

 *  Solder balling pull back pattern

 *  Graphic pattern

 *  Solder paste volume

 *  Solder paste bridging

 *  Voiding Testing



• 1 board as the 3-up panel (1 Array = 3 Cards)

• MLF come standard on Tape and Reel but can be ordered

  in tubes upon special request.

• 2 stencils per kit = 1 Top / 1 Bottom. 29” x 29”

• Customer to specify stencil thickness: 1.5” or 0.5”


Ordering Information

Jabil SP Evaluation Kit #1

  •  Order Number: 12853

    (50) Jabil Test Boards

    (360) A-MLF68-10mm-.5mm-DC-Sn-TR

    (2) Jabil Test Board Stencils

Jabil SP Evaluation Kit #2

    Order Number: 12853

    (100) Jabil Test Boards

    (360) A-MLF68-10mm-.5mm-DC-Sn-TR


The following BGA are not included in the kit:

    Either BGA can be added to kit upon request.

    Order number: 32210 A-CVBGA360-.4mm-10mm-DC-LF-305

    Order number: 31407 A-CTBGA84-.5mm-6mm-DC-LF-305

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