Wafer Chip Size Package (WLP) Dummy Component

Wafer Chip Size Package (WLP) Dummy Component

Wafer Chip Size Package (WLP) Dummy Component

Wafer Chip Size Package (WLP) Dummy Component

Wafer Chip Size Package (WLP) Dummy Component

Wafer Chip Size Package

WLP uses interconnection technology to effectively utilize the chip area by making it possible to form electrodes over the entire chip surface. This eliminates the need for the wire bonding space required by previous wiring methods. Also, electrodes are formed using copper posts for a simple structure.

All of this means that the area of the finished package is exactly the same compact size as the original chip. It also simplifies mounting and contributes to easier high-density mounting. WLP is the perfect choice for packaging chips used in portable telephones, digital cameras, and other applications where mounting space is severely restricted.

Part Description I/O Count Pitch Body Size Matrix  Alloy
.3mm Pitch
WLP100-.3mm-3mm-DC 100 .3mm 3mm 10x10 96.5%Sn/3.0%Ag/0.5%Cu
WLP144-.3mm-3.6mm-DC 144 .3mm 3.6mm 12x12 96.5%Sn/3.0%Ag/0.5%Cu
WLP196-.3mm-4.2mm-DC 196 .3mm 4.2mm 14x14 96.5%Sn/3.0%Ag/0.5%Cu
WLP256-.3mm-4.8mm-DC 256 .3mm 4.8mm 16x16 96.5%Sn/3.0%Ag/0.5%Cu
WLP264-.3mm-6mm-DC 264 .3mm 6mm 17x17 96.5%Sn/3.0%Ag/0.5%Cu
WLP400-.3mm-6mm-DC 400 .3mm 6mm 20x20 96.5%Sn/3.0%Ag/0.5%Cu
WLP676-.3mm-7.8mm-DC 676 .3mm 7.8mm 26x26 96.5%Sn/3.0%Ag/0.5%Cu
WLP900-.3mm-9mm-DC 900 .3mm 9mm 30x30 96.5%Sn/3.0%Ag/0.5%Cu
WLP1600-.3mm-12mm-DC 1600 .3mm 12mm 40x40 96.5%Sn/3.0%Ag/0.5%Cu
.4mm Pitch
WLP100-.4mm-4mm-DC 100 .4mm 4mm 10x10 96.5%Sn/3.0%Ag/0.5%Cu
WLP144-.4mm-4.8mm-DC 144 .4mm 4.8mm 12x12 96.5%Sn/3.0%Ag/0.5%Cu
WLP144-.4mm-6mm-DC 144 .4mm 6mm 13x13/4-Row 96.5%Sn/3.0%Ag/0.5%Cu
WLP196-.4mm-5.6mm-DC 196 .4mm 5.6mm 14x14 96.5%Sn/3.0%Ag/0.5%Cu
WLP256-.4mm-6.4mm-DC 256 .4mm 6.4mm 16x16 96.5%Sn/3.0%Ag/0.5%Cu
WLP400-.4mm-8mm-DC 400 .4mm 8mm 20x20 96.5%Sn/3.0%Ag/0.5%Cu
WLP676-.4mm-10.4mm-DC 676 .4mm 10.4mm 26x26 96.5%Sn/3.0%Ag/0.5%Cu
WLP900-.4mm-12mm-DC 900 .4mm 12mm 30x30 96.5%Sn/3.0%Ag/0.5%Cu
.5mm Pitch
WLP100-.5mm-5mm-DC 100 .5mm 5mm 10x10 96.5%Sn/3.0%Ag/0.5%Cu
WLP144-.5mm-6mm-DC 144 .5mm 6mm 12x12 96.5%Sn/3.0%Ag/0.5%Cu
WLP196-.5mm-7mm-DC 196 .5mm 7mm 14x14 96.5%Sn/3.0%Ag/0.5%Cu
WLP256-.5mm-8mm-DC 256 .5mm 8mm 16x16 96.5%Sn/3.0%Ag/0.5%Cu
WLP400-.5mm-10mm-DC 400 .5mm 10mm 20x20 96.5%Sn/3.0%Ag/0.5%Cu
WLP676-.5mm-13mm-DC 676 .5mm 13mm 26x26 96.5%Sn/3.0%Ag/0.5%Cu
WLP900-.5mm-15mm-DC 900 .5mm 15mm 30x30 96.5%Sn/3.0%Ag/0.5%Cu


Part Description System


* Ultra thin type, Ultra miniature, Lightweight

* High current capacity and good heat radiation

* Stress buffer structure

* High reliability of WLP as semiconductor package makes KGD issues cleared.

* Cu-to-Cu wiring structure

* Include inductors of high Q value

* Possibility of SMT assembly

* Coplanarity (5 to 10 ?m)

* Available diced and left in ring or in trays.