PC014 IPC 9850 Attribute Defect Rate Kit

PC014 IPC 9850 Attribute Defect Rate Kit

Attribute Defect Rate Kit checks out pick and place-machines.


IPC-9850 includes test methods for determining various SMT placement equipment attributes, including repeatability, accuracy and attribute defects. Each of these tests requires specific material and this new test board and kit from Practical Components provides the solution for conducting the attribute rate defect testing. The applicable section from IPC-9850 is 4.1, where attribute defects are defined as components placed upside down, tombstoned, on side, missing or extra part, damaged lead(s), damaged part(s), completely off land, or wrong polarity. Testing requires the placement of 88,000 components on 20 boards to attain reasonably accurate test results. Practical Components 9850 Kit will provide you with enough components and boards to meet this guideline. While IPC-9850 requires the placement of components on sticky tape (included), these boards can also be printed with solder paste and reflowed.


Each board contains the lands (multiple orientations) for 4,400 components (440 SOT23s, 440 SO8s, 880 0603SMCs, 880 0603 SMRs, 880 0402SMCs and 880 0402SMRs). Test material is available from Practical as single boards or complete kits with all the necessary dummy components. On request, this board comes with demonstration versions of CircuitCAM and CheckPoint manufacturing software, ready-to-run CircuitCAM Project Files (CPFs) and Gerber and X, Y Theta data at no extra charge.


Solder practice test vehicle PCB boards and kits are used for machine setup, evaluation, qualification, workflow analysis, prototyping, testing, solder profiling.




* Gerber Data and X, Y Theta Data are available, if required, at no charge.

* Digitized files provided by Aegis Software included at no charge.