PCB300 FusionQuad® 216ld (100 | 116) Board and Kit - Drop Test lead Free Kit

PCB300 FusionQuad® 216ld (100 | 116) Board and Kit - Drop Test lead Free Kit



The new FusionQuad® 216 ld (100/116) drop test kit contains both the test board and Amkor FusionQuad® 216 components. Amkor’s new FusionQuad® components are particularly well suited for applications requiring superior electrical or thermal performance in a cost constrained environment, including hard disk drives, laptop PC, Ethernet communication, digital television, data conversions and many other applications.


The new PCB300 FusionQuad® test board has daisy chain patterns to test both the components and test board for process evaluation testing. This test boards allows customers to become familiar with some of the handling characteristics of the FusionQuad® components. The combination of leads on the outside of the package and pads on the interior of the package will require additional process evaluation methods. The intent of this test kit is to provide a low cost method to develop process control procedures for new technology components. Additional information concerning the test vehicle or FusionQuad® components is available on the Practical Components web site at www.practicalcomponents.com. FusionQuad® component technical data and characteristics is available on the Amkor web at www.amkor.com.


Solder practice test vehicle PCB boards and kits are used for machine setup, evaluation, qualification, workflow analysis, prototyping, testing, solder profiling.



* Board size is 132 x 77mm, 8–layers, .039" thick, no microvias.

* Board material is IS-410 High Temp. 180Tg.

* Standard board finish is OSP Entek CU-106A-HT.

* 15 daisy-chain pad placements for 216ld (100/116) FusionQuad®?component.

* Gerber and X,Y Theta data included at no charge.



Order Number: 19986 PCB300-FQ216-DT-OSPHT

Order Number: 31429 A-(V)FQFP216(100/116)-14mm-.5mm-DC-LF