PCB300 FusionQuad® 176(128|48) Board and Kit - Thermal Cycle Lead Free Kit

PCB300 FusionQuad® 176(128|48) Board and Kit - Thermal Cycle Lead Free Kit



Practical Components is offering a New Thermal Cycling test board and kit for Amkor’s new FusionQuad® components. Thermal Cycling is a diagnostic test for electronic assemblies. The test is severe on solder joints that are under both compressive and tensile strain during cycling as a result of differential thermal expansion.


Amkor’s FusionQuad® represents a breakthrough in leadframe-based plastic packaging through the effective integration of ExposedPad TQFP / LQFP, ExposedPad TQFP and MLF® technologies. The novel integration of bottom lands in a QFP provides a cost-effective platform for increased lead count in a small form factor. FusionQuad® not only extends the I/O range of classic leadframe packaging to nearly 400 unique pins, it also delivers an approximate 50% reduction in package size for a given leadcount. Additionally, FusionQuad® provides excellent RF Electrical Package Characterization, electrical performance characteristics with short signal paths to the bottom lands and high power dissipation capability with the solderable exposed die attach paddle.


Solder practice test vehicle PCB boards and kits are used for machine setup, evaluation, qualification, workflow analysis, prototyping, testing, solder profiling.


The new FusionQuad® Thermal Cycle Test Kit will allow customers to conduct valuable process testing on new technology components. Customers are encouraged to visit the Practical Components website at www.practicalcomponents.com or Amkor website at www.amkor.com for additional technical information regarding Amkor FusionQuad® components.



* Board size is 191 x 74mm, 4–layers, .039" thick, no microvias.

* Board material is IS-410 High Temp. 180Tg.

* Standard board finish is OSP Entek CU-106A-HT.

* 15 daisy-chain pad placements for 176(128/48) FusionQuad® components.

* Gerber and X,Y Theta data included at no charge.


Order Number: 19985 PCB300-FQ176-TC-OSPHT

Order Number: 31460 A-(V)FQFP176(128/48)-14mm-.4mm-DC-Sn