PC031 Cookson Lead-Free Process Capability Validation Kit


Cookson Electronics Lead-Free Process Capability Validation Program


Practical Components and Cookson Electronics are teaming up to offer a new Lead-Free Process Capability Validation Program. This program consists of lead-free components and test boards from Practical Components, with Cookson Electronics’ analytical evaluation and process capability validation services to the IPC and J-STD requirements.

The CE Analytics Test Kit consists of: PCB test boards with IS-410 laminate, various lead-free compatible pad finishes (ENTEK® PLUS™ CU-106A-HT and Alpha-LEVEL™ Immersion Silver), industry standard lead-free components, ALPHA™ OM-338 (M13) lead-free solder paste and ALPHA™ Telecore + cored wire, and process application guidelines.

Solder practice test vehicle PCB boards and kits are used for machine setup, evaluation, qualification, workflow analysis, prototyping, testing, solder profiling.



The CE Analytics laboratory services include:

1. Lead-Free Process Capability Validation, comprised of:
* Macro and microscopic inspection and analysis of processed assemblies compared to IPC and J-STD requirements.
* Validation Report with recommendations for process optimization, if applicable
* CE Analytics Lead-Free Process Capability Validation Certificate.
2.Voiding Analysis
3. Macroscopic Examination of Processed Assemblies (non-destructive)
4. Microscopic Examination of Solder Connection Integrity.
Draw on CE Analytics expertise to validate your lead-free process capabilities. You can reduce the cost, time, and worry associated with converting to lead-free by using the new CE Analytics Lead-Free Process Capability Validation. It is an easy three-step procedure:
1. Order the CE Analytics Lead-Free Test Kit, which includes boards, materials and components to set up and run a lead-free SMT, Thru-Hole, Mixed Technology or Rework process.
2. Order a service package from CE Analytics and send in your processed boards. In return, you will receive a detailed laboratory analysis, report, recommendations for optimization if applicable, and a Lead-Free Process Capability Validation Certificate.
3. Run your lead-free process with confidence.
For More Information
For more information concerning price, delivery and how to order the new CE Analytics Lead-Free Process Capability Validation go to www.alphametals.com/lead_free/validation.html or contact Cookson Electronics at 1-877-664-6263. To contact your Practical Components sales representative about the CE Analytics Lead-Free Test Kit call 714?252?0010.
Definition of Cookson Electronic Materials Included
IS-410 is a CAF resistant, lead-free assembly compatible laminate and prepreg system that is ideal for high-density designs requiring multiple soldering steps. IS-410 materials contain a unique resin technology that offers exceptional IST thermal performance and reliability.
Alpha-LEVEL™ is an immersion silver finish applied to circuit board solder pads that develops a dense uniform silver deposit and provides excellent Pb free soldering, reliability, and contact resistance.
ALPHA® OM-338 (M13) is a broad latitude lead-free solder paste providing the lowest cost of ownership proven through a wide print process window performance, ultra-fine pitch printing capability (0.25mm circles and 0.4 mm pitch components) and excellent voiding resistance exceeding IPC7095 Class III standards.
ALPHA® Telecore Plus is a low residue core solder wire designed for no-clean soldering applications that must meet all appropriate Bellcore specifications. The unique blend of rosin and proprietary activators provides rapid wetting while leaving minimal, optically clear, completely inert residue.
Electroless Nickel/ Immersion Gold (ENIG) is a leading immersion finish delivering excellent coverage, uniformity and mechanical strength for good solderability. Low temperature operation allows for good solder mask compatibility. The finish has a long shelf-life and can withstand multiple thermal cycles.
ALPHA® CUT Laser Cut Stencils are designed and manufactured to provide the ultimate stencil printing performance for most surface mount requirements, particularly when used in conjunction with ALPHA® Solder Pastes or ALPHA® Surface Mount Adhesives. The stencils are manufactured using a CAD/CAM driven high precision XY-laser cutting process.
Order Numbers
Stencils are sold separately as follows:
* For PCB030 board design:
Order Number: 82632 (29" x 29" size, 5mil thick)
Order Number: 82633 (20" x 20" size, 5mil thick)
* For PCB031 modified board design:
Order Number: 134863 (29" x 29" size, 5mil thick)
Order Number: 134864 (20" x 20" size, 5mil thick)


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.4mm Pitch eWLP Dummy Wafer-Amkor


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