B-52 CRET Rev B CRET Cleanliness & Residue Evaluation Kit

The new B-52 Rev. B board is the newest revision of the existing B-52 CRET board. Practical will continue to offer the B-52 board on a transitional basis over the next year. The B-52 Rev. B board continues to provide a platform for the electronic assembly industry to evaluate the cleanliness of the assembly process. Both Rev. A and Rev. B boards have the same board thickness (.062) and use the same components. On the Rev. B the copper designators have been moved out. The Rev. B board width has increased and the manufacturing rails have been removed. The non-plated holes were revised to accommodate the alignment pins of the connectors, in addition the diameter of through holes were reduced for better solderability of the through hole connectors. The ground plane was changed from solid copper to copper mesh. These changes should have a positive effect both on assembly and evaluation results.


Items to note are the B-52 Rev. B is available with just the SIR coupon. Information regarding this option is available by calling Practical Components at 714-252-0010. In addition, it is recommended that customers use test boards from their current or potential board supplier. Test boards can also be customized to fit specific customer needs.



B-52 CRET Rev B Kit
Figure ID Location Part Description Quantity per Board
3 U1, U9 A-CABGA256-1.0mm-17mm-ISO 2
6 U2, U8 A-QFP160-28mm-.65mm-ISO 2
7 U3, U10 A-TQFP80-12mm-.5mm-ISO 2
9 U4-U7 A-SO16GT-3.8mm-ISO  4
2 C1-C8, C64-C75 0402SMC-10.0pf  20
8 C9-C23 0603SMC-10.0pf  15
5 C24-C38, C76-C85 0805SMC-10.0pf  25
10 C39-C63 1206SMC-10.0pf  25
11 J1, J3 Conn-TH-Ver-4x24-AMP  3
4 P1 Conn-SMT-2x16-Molex  1
Lead-Free Part Number List
Part Number Part Description
19959 A-CABGA256-1.0mm-17mm-ISO-SAC305
19960 A-QFP160-28mm-.65mm-2.6mm-ISO-SN
19961 A-TQFP80-12mm-.5mm-2.0mm-ISO-Sn 
19962 A-SO16GT-3.8mm-ISO-Sn
20009 0402SMC-10.0pf-Sn 
20010 0603SMC-10.0pf-Sn 
20011 0805SMC-10.0pf-Sn 
20012 1206SMC-10.0pf-Sn 
19943 Conn-TH-Ver-4x24-AMP
19944 Conn-SMT-2x16-Molex 
Tin-Lead Part Number List
Part Number Part Description
19967 A-CABGA256-1.0mm-17mm-ISO
19968 A-QFP160-28mm-.65mm-2.6mm-ISO
19969 A-TQFP80-12mm-.5mm-2.0mm-ISO
19970 A-SO16GT-3.8mm-ISO
20005 0402SMC-10.0pf
20006 0603SMC-10.0pf
20007 0805SMC-10.0pf
20008 1206SMC-10.0pf
19943 Conn-TH-Ver-4x24-AMP
19944 Conn-SMT-2x16-Molex 
Board Order Number: PCB052-RevB

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