Practical Components-KIT FC120


Name of Commodity 01A120P(S)-10
Specifications 1x1
Structure Rigid Substrate (Both)
Outline 30.00mm x 30.00mm x (0.972mmt)
Materials Core: MCL-E-705G
Build Layer: ABF-GX92
Solder Resist PSR4000 AUS-703
Function Daisy Chain
Land Size φ0.095mm
Number of Lead 5776(76x76)
SR Opening φ70μm
Number of Measurement Pad 24 pads
Daisy Chain  Center Area 18x20 Matrix
Corner Area 19x20 four Matrix
Surface Spec of Electrode Cu + OSP (option solder coat)
Electroless Ni/Au
*OSP: Organic Solderability Preservatives