Name of Commodity 01A120P(S)-10 FC120(S)-0101JY
Specifications 1x1 2x2
Structure Rigid Substrate (Both) Rigid Substrate (Both)
Outline 30.0mm×30.0mm× (0.972mmt) 35.0mm×35.0mm× (0.972mmt)
Function Daisy Chain Daisy Chain
Land Size φ0.095mm● φ0.095mm●
Number of Lead 5776(76×76) 23104(5776/chip×4)
SR Opening φ70μm● φ70μm●
Number of Measurment Pad 24 pads 32 pads
Daisy Chain Center Area 18×20 Matrix
Corner Area 19×20 four Matrix
Center Area 38×40 Matrix
Corner Area 19×20 four Matrix
Surface Spec of Electrode Cu + OSP (option Solder Coat) Cu + OSP (option Solder Coat)
    *OSP: Organic Solderability Preservatives