Practical BGA Reballing Kit

No Longer Available.  

The Practical BGA Reballing Kit features patented stencils and holder to manually rework BGA components to original condition. Restore costly BGAs to original condition using hot air rework stations or tools. Simply squeegee on flux, pour on solder balls and rework with hot air! Stencils and holders are available separately, so you can purchase only the stencils and stencil holders you need. All the standard stencils and holders are available as a kit for one of the easiest and least expensive BGA repair solutions.

Kit Contents

  • Fluxpen
  • Vial of 50,000 Solder Balls.
  • Choice of 20 mil, 25 mil or 30 mil solder spheres.
  • Choice of Sn63/Pb37 or Sn10/Pb90 solder alloy.
  • 1 standard stencil (component specific).

Practical BGA Reballing Stencils
BGA Holder Stencil Body Size
Ball Matrix Pitch
BGA-12 BGA144 12X12 13X13 0.80
BGA-14 BGA134 14X14 16X16 0.80
BGA180 14X14 16X16 0.80
BGA-15 BGA156 15X15 14X14 1.00
BGA180 15X15 18X18 0.80
BGA208 15X15 17X17 0.80
BGA256 15X15 18X18 0.80
BGA-16 BGA216 16X16 18X18 0.80
BGA324 16X16 18X18 0.80
BGA-17 BGA208 17X17 16X16 1.00
BGA256 17X17 16X16 1.00
BGA-19 BGA121 19X19 11X11 1.50
BGA144 19X19 12X12 1.50
BGA169 19X19 13X13 1.27
BGA196 19X19 14X14 1.27
BGA225 19X19 15X15 1.27
BGA260 19X19 18X18 1.00
BGA324 19X19 18X18 1.00
BGA-21 BGA169 21X21 13X13 1.50
BGA196 21X21 14X14 1.50
BGA225 21X21 15X15 1.27
BGA256 21X21 16X16 1.27
BGA-23 BGA196 23X23 14X14 1.50
BGA208 23X23 17X17 1.27
BGA217 23X23 17X17 1.27
BGA225 23X23 15X15 1.27
BGA225 23X23 15X15 1.50
BGA240 23X23 17X17 1.27
BGA256 23X23 16X16 1.27
BGA289 23X23 17X17 1.27
BGA324 23X23 18X18 1.00
BGA324 23X23 18X18 1.27
BGA376 23X23 22X22 1.00
BGA456 23X23 22X22 1.00
BGA-27 BGA225 27X27 15X15 1.50
BGA256 27X27 20X20 1.27
BGA272 27X27 20X20 1.27
BGA292 27X27 20X20 1.27
BGA316 27X27 20X20 1.27
BGA324 27X27 20X20 1.27
BGA456 27X27 26X26 1.00
BGA676 27X27 26X26 1.00
BGA-31 BGA304 31X31 23X23 1.27
BGA329 31X31 23X23 1.27
BGA380 31X31 24X24 1.27
BGA432 31X31 24X24 1.27
BGA575 31X31 24X24 1.27
BGA556 31X31 30X30 1.00
BGA896 31X31 30X30 1.00
BGA900 31X31 30X30 1.00
BGA-33 BGA480 33X33 26X26 1.27
BGA-35 BGA352 35X35 26X26 1.27
BGA388 35X35 26X26 1.27
BGA420 35X35 26X26 1.27
BGA456 35X35 26X26 1.27
BGA492 35X35 26X26 1.27
BGA504 35X35 27X27 1.27
BGA516 35X35 26X26 1.27
BGA728 35X35 27X27 1.27
BGA1148 35X35 34X34 1.00
BGA1152 35X35 34X34 1.00
BGA1156 35X35 34X34 1.00
BGA-37.5 BGA552 37.5X37.5 29X29 1.27
BGA584 37.5X37.5 29X29 1.27
BGA-40 BGA432 40X40 31X31 1.27
BGA564 40X40 30X30 1.27
BGA596 40X40 30X30 1.27
BGA600 40X40 31X31 1.27
BGA656 40X40 30X30 1.27
BGA658 40X40 30X30 1.27
BGA680 40X40 39X39 1.00
BGA957 40X40 31X31 1.27
BGA1172 40X40 39X39 1.00
BGA1312 40X40 39X39 1.00
BGA1517 40X40 39X39 1.00
BGA-42.5 BGA560 42.5X42.5 33X33 1.27
BGA560 42.5X42.5 33X33 1.27
BGA860 42.5X42.5 42X42 1.00
BGA1696 42.5X42.5 42X42 1.00
BGA1704 42.5X42.5 42X42 1.00

  • Stencils and holders available individually.
  • All standard stencils and holders available as a kit..


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