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Flextac BGA Rework Stencils…a creative new product is a major improvement over what you may be using now.

These flexible solder paste stencils are laser cut from high quality, anti-static polymer film with a residue-free adhesive backing. Because they are self-sticking, no tape or fixturing is needed. The adhesive seals around each BGA pad to prevent solder paste from bleeding under the stencil when the paste is applied. Flextac Stencils are easy to use and leave no residue on the board surface.

Typical BGA rework stencils are made from metal and require fixturing or taping to position them and hold them in place. Metal stencils warp easily, and if the circuit board has undulations in the board surface, the metal stencil will not sit flat. Since there is no gasket-like seal, solder paste can easily bleed under metal stencils when paste is applied with a squeegee. Also solder paste can spill out over the sides of flat metal stencils contaminating the circuit board surface. Metal stencils require tedious stencil cleaning. To use metal stencils effectively, a high level of operator skill is required


Flextac BGA Rework Stencil Kit is packaged in a rugged ESD safe case.
The Kit includes 20 different sizes of BGA rework stencils, a spatula handle and three sizes of spatula blades.


Step 1: Select the proper size and fold up the side tabs.

Step 2: Peel off the cover film exposing the adhesive backing.

Step 3: Place in position using the handy side tabs.

Step 4: Apply paste using a standard metal squeegee.

Step 5: Remove the stencil and save for another reuse or dispose.

You first fold the pre-scored side tabs and then peel off the protective cover film from the bottom side of the stencil. Holds the side tabs while placing the Flextac Stencil in position on the circuit board surface. If the stencil is not correctly positioned, you can simply reposition it. The side tabs also serve as solder dams preventing solder paste overspill. No external taping or fixturing is used. You next apply a small dab of solder paste and uses a standard squeegee to spread the paste. Since the residue-free adhesive seals around each BGA pad, you can make as many passes with the squeege as needed to assure proper aperture filling. The Flextac Stencil is then peeled up leaving a perfect deposit of solder on each pad. Although Flextac Stencils are disposable, they can be used several times.


  • Applying solder paste for BGA rework.


  • Residue-free adhesive backing seals around BGA pads to prevent solder paste bleed.
  • Laser cut ensures precise aperture size.
  • Disposable—eliminates tedious stencil cleaning.
  • Flexible—conforms to board surface.
  • Fold-up sides for easy placement and solder paste containment.
  • Low cost.
  • Packaged in a handy ESD safe carrying case.
Flextac BGA Rework Stencil Kit
Kit Part Number Description
201-3120 Flextac BGA Rework Stencil Kit
Custom pattern stencils are available as special order with up to 2,600 holes per stencil. Please call Practical for quotation.
Hand Tools Included in Kit
Part Number Description
115-3514 Spatula (1 piece)
115-3502 Squeeqee Blade Handle (1 piece)
115-3504 Squeeqee Blade - 12mm (1 piece)
115-3506 Squeegee Blade - 27mm (1 piece)
115-3508 Squeegee Blade - 35mm (1 piece)
Flextac BGA Rework Stencil Kits
Each kit includes 2 stencils per ball count
Part Number PBGA
Pitch Aperture
B6-119-1422-127 119 14 x 22mm 1.27mm .020" (0.508mm) 7 x 17 Full Array
B4-196-1515-100 196 15mm 1.0mm .020" (0.508mm) 14 x 14 Full Array
B6-225-2727-150 225 27mm 1.5mm .025" (0.635mm) 15 x 15 Full Array
B4-256-1717-100 256 17mm 1.0mm .020" (0.508mm) 16 x 16 Full Array
B8-256-2121-127 256 21mm 1.27mm .032" (0.813mm) 16 x 16 Full Array
B6-256-2727-127 256 27mm 1.27mm .025" (0.635mm) 20 x 20 P4-Row
B6-272-2727-127 272 27mm 1.27mm .025" (0.635mm) 20 x 20 P4-Row + 4x4 center
B6-292-2727-127 292 27mm 1.27mm .025" (0.635mm) 20 x 20 P4-Row + 6x6 center
B8-304-2125-127 304 21 x 25mm 1.27mm .032" (0.813mm) 16 x 19 Full Array
B4-324-2323-100 324 23mm 1.0mm .020" (0.508mm) 22 x 22 P4-Row + 6x6 center
B6-352-3535-127 352 35mm 1.27mm .025" (0.635mm) 26 x 26 P4-Row
B6-357-2525-127 357 25mm 1.27mm .025" (0.635mm) 19 x 19 Full Array
B8-361-2525-127 361 25mm 1.27mm .032" (0.813mm) 19 x 19 Full Array
B6-388-3535-127 388 35mm 1.27mm .025" (0.635mm) 26 x 26 P4-Row + 6x6 center
B6-432-4040-127 432 40mm 1.27mm .025" (0.635mm) 31 x 31 P4-Row
B4-484-2323-100 484 23mm 1.0mm .020" (0.508mm) 22 x 22 Full Array
B6-560-4242-127 560 42.5mm 1.27mm .025" (0.635mm) 33 x 33 P5-Row
B8-625-3232-127 625 32.5mm 1.27mm .032" (0.813mm) 25 x 25 Full Array
B4-672-2727-100 672 27mm 1.0mm .020" (0.508mm) 26 x 26 Full Array
B4-676-2727-100 676 27mm 1.0mm .020" (0.508mm) 26 x 26 Full Array


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