PC051 Foresite Umpire Test Board


This vehicle is best used to look at process qualifications for the primary and secondary steps. Wave Solder, SMT, Cleaning, and then the secondary steps of temporary solder mask, rework flux, and rework cleaning. It also works well to look at interactions of solder mask with fluxes and/or solder pastes, or materials characterization tests in general. This board is a good selection if you are trying to do correlations between different specifications, e.g. IPC and Bellcore. The two B-24 comb patterns allow you to do SIR for both Bellcore and J-STD-004. Pattern D can be used to correlate to existing B-25 data, or for Bellcore electromigration testing. The military Y pattern can be used for many military qualification tests. Then a direct comparison between the military Y pattern and the C3 localized test system can be made. 

The Umpire test board is a current qualification vehicle for processes (IPC-ANSI-J-STD-001) and conformal coatings (IPC-CC-830A). 


·     *  A good vehicle to use for full process evaluations 

·     *  Easy to manufacture and therefore inexpensive 

·     *  Has all the common patterns used for SIR and electromigration resistance testing plus the component SIR patterns such as the 80 pin TQFP, 256 BGA. 

·     *  Can correlate to B-24, B-25A and B36 test boards. 

·     *  Is recognized as a valid test vehicle for Bellcore testing

·     *  Relatively easy to wire and test

·     *  Can do adhesion testing and dielectric strength tests

·     *  Good vehicle for solder mask interactions and effects


·     *  None






PC051 Umpire Kit


Part Description Quantity Per Kit
PCB051-Foresite 1
PDIP14-Socket 40
68LCC-1.27mm-24.11mm-TR 20
WM2723-ND-TR 10
S1221E-16-ND-TR 10
A-TQFP80-12mm-.5mm-2.0-TR 10
A-PBGA256-1.27mm-27mm-DC-TR 10
A-MLF40-6mm-.5mm 90
Kit Order Number: (Tin Lead) PC051-10
Kit Order Number: (Lead-Free) PC051-10-LF


  • Board finishes available are : 
    • Immersion Silver, ENIG, Bare Copper, OSP and HASL

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