PC009-40 Aegis Traceability & Control Validation Kit

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Practical Components and Aegis Industrial Software, the leader in Manufacturing?Information Management Systems, have partnered together to offer a traceability and control kit designed to validate your entire manufacturing process and provide the potential for rich product and process traceability detail.

Traceability and process control are no longer requirements reserved for manufacturers in regulatory or specific market segments. Today, all manufacturers who aspire to achieve or to maintain a ‘world class’ status must deliver some degree of traceability. Until now, there has not existed a common language regarding the nature of traceability or its levels. Nor was there a means to benchmark such capability or to communicate its nature to customers or regulatory agencies in a common manner.

The new Traceability & Control Validation Kit provides the physical materials and the procedural guide to determine your factories traceability and control capability, and then rate the results in a formalized matrix. These ratings can be used to demonstrate your capabilities, communicate to customers or auditors, or to provide a start point on a path to improve your capabilities and track progress along the way.


Benchmark Your Traceability and Control
Rate your traceability and control far beyond simple component traceability. Using the procedural guide and materials provided in this kit, a manufacturer can test and validate two key elements of traceability; control mechanisms to assure process execution is proper even under high-change conditions, and the resultant reporting scope and depth their traceability systems will deliver. This dual approach of validating process control and visibility yields a comprehensive assessment of your?capabilities. 
Communicate Your Capability
Manufacturers all over the world have been searching for a way to convey to their customers or auditors their traceability capability. In the past, it has been impossible without a common rating system or even a generalized agreement on the maximum range of what traceability entails. One party may believe traceability is simple lot traceability of components while another may include all quality, test, packaging and machine data feeds from the entire process.
The purpose of this kit is to produce a common rating on the scale from simple traceability to the very advanced. The scale can then be used to communicate your capabilities in a uniform manner to those who require this information.
Improve What You Measure
The rating scale will also help manufacturers who are continuously looking for ways to improve their factory operations. Through uniformed measurements, a roadmap can be developed to improve your plant to even greater levels of traceability. By measuring your abilities today, this kit can help create a defined path to the future.
Technical Basis
As the only solution provider of information systems delivering such scope of control and traceability, Aegis has the unique technical experience to deliver such a kit in conjunction with Practical Components. Aegis’ methods of rating traceability have been concurrently developed with, and adopted by, many of the leading manufacturers in the industry. Now your enterprise can benefit from over 6 years of definition and usage in factories all over the world to rate your systems and processes against this scale.
Use this Kit’s Materials and Procedural Guide to Determine Your Traceability and Control Capability in the Following Categories:
Traceability Validation
Production and Release Authentication History
Process Documentation History
Consumable Lots Used at Every Process Step
Tooling ID’s Used at Every Process Step
Component Lot Traceability From Automated Mounters
Component Lot Traceability From Hand Insertion
PCB Panel and Image Record Integrity
Route History and Cycle Rate
Operator ID at Every Process Step
Process and Product Content Deviation Notices
Pin, Component and Product Quality Indictment/Diag./Repair
Test and Measurement Records
Parametric Data Records
Machine Events and Alarms
Box-Build Genealogy
Packaging and Shipment Genealogy
Process Control Supporting Proper Traceability
Assured Identifier Acquisition on Conveyorized Line
PCB Panel to Image Mapping Control
Assured Documentation and Version Dispatch to Station
Consumable Validation Line Control
Tooling Validation and Line Control
Feeder/Component Validation and Line Control
Route Sequence Enforcement
Packout Control


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