Adjustable Matrix Trays

Adjustable Matrix Trays


  • Hold any size quadpack or flatpack up to 4" long.
  • Plastic supports are molded in PPA with carbon fiber with a surface resistivity of 10E5-10E7 ohm/ch, are non-sloughing and tolerate 170°C.
  • Tray and cover are extruded aluminum, finished in ESD safe, clear chromate.


  • ESD foam with conductive film in the cover for cushioning and component thickness variations.
  • Standard unit measures 6" x 12" x 1" with cover.
  • Thumb screws lock the cover to the base.
  • Standoffs on each end for easy location and locking to the cover.
  • Patent No. 5,370,225.

Optional Pick and Place Mode

  • Quads only, must be square.
  • Orients devices in accurately registered X–Y positions.
  • Interfaces with standard pick and place machines, e.g. Zevatech, Fuji, Quad, etc.
  • Overall length of .400" less cover.

Maximum Capacity For Square Quadpacks
Maximum Body
Number of Pieces
Per Row
.580 inches 7
1.026 inches 6
1.480 inches 5
1.875 inches 4
2.125 inches 3

Order Numbers
Product Order
Base w/cover for 10 Quadpacks AMT-6x12 QP  
Base w/cover for 10 Flatpacks AMT-6x12 FP  
Base w/cover for bottom brazed pkgs AMT-6x12 QP-B  
Base w/cover P&P for automation (QFP) AMT-6x12 QP-A  
Base, no cover, no supports AMT-B1  
Cover only with anti-static foam AMT-C1  
Anti-static foam AMT-A1  
Quadpack molded support w/hardware AMT-QP  
Flatpack molded support w/hardware AMT-SS  
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