CC80 MarkII-0101JY (STD)


Specifications STD
Wafer Size 8 inch (Notch)
Wafer Thickness 725±25μm
Chip Size 12.0mm ♦
Function Daisy Chain & Migration
Pad Pitch
Peripheral 80μm Three Rows Staggered
Center core 200μm Full Area
Electrode Cu Pillar
Pad Size 54μm ♦
Bump Size φ31μm
Passivation opening 48μm ♦
Scribe width 120μm
Number of Bump/Pad
Peripheral 1660 bumps / 1660 pads
Center core 2916 bumps / 2916 pads
Number of Chip 177 chips/wafer
  ♦ Bottom Side