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Practical Dummy Components-Daisy Chain Dummy Components

Through Mold Via (TMV) Dummy Component-Amkor
TMV PoP - Through Mold Via Package Dummy Component
After three years of development, Amkor has introduced the next generation PoP solution. This new technology is called Through Mold Via (TMV®). The new Dummy TMV® technology is used to create interconnect vias through the mold cap, it also provides a more stable bottom package that enables the use o...
Package on Package (PoP, PSvfBGA) Dummy Component-Amkor
Package on Package (POP, PSVFBGA) Dummy Component-Amkor
Package on Package (POP, PSVFBGA) Dummy Component-Amkor. Package Stackable Very Thin Fine Pitch BGA (PSvfBGA) and their top PoP optimized for Package on Package (PoP) requirements. PoP has become the solution of choice for an increasing number of mobile consumer applications for 3D integration of l...
.4mm Pitch eWLP Dummy Wafer-Amkor
.4mm Pitch eWLP Dummy Wafer-Amkor
.4mm Pitch eWLP Dummy Wafer-Amkor
CSPnl .4mm Pitch Dummy Wafer (RDL)-Amkor
CSPnl .4mm Pitch Dummy Wafer (RDL)-Amkor
CSPnl .4mm Pitch Dummy Wafer (RDL)-Amkor
.3 mm Pitch CVBGA Dummy Component-Amkor
Amkor .3mm CVBGA
The 0.3 mm CVBGA is a 8x8 mm, 368, 0.30 mm solder ball pitch, two-layer thin core substrate with an Ni/Au BGA finish that uses a HL832NX-A (60 µm core) and AUS 410 solder mask.
Land Grid Arrray (LGA) Dummy Component-Amkor
Land Grid Array (LGA) Dummy Component
Dummy Amkor laminate ChipArray® packages are available without solder balls upon special order. Packages available without solder balls include CABGA, CTBGA and CVBGA. The same standard daisy-chained substrate would be used based on open tooling.
Ball Grid Array (CVBGA, CABGA, CTBGA, PBGA, SBGA) Dummy
ChipArray Ball Grid Array (CABGA) Dummy Component
Dummy ChipArray® (CABGA) packages are offered in laminate format and are available as Ball Grid Array. The near chip size standard outlines offer fixed body sizes and ball counts. Established SMT mounting processes and techniques are compatibly with ChipArray®. The package size and design provides i...
Chip Array Thin Core Ball Grid Array (CTBGA) Dummy Component
Dummy Thin Core Ball Grid Array component (CTBGA) Lead-free dummy CTBGA parts are available with (SAC405) 95.5% Sn/ 4.0% Ag/0.5% Cu alloy or 96.5%Sn/3.0%Ag/0.5%Cu alloy (SAC305)
Very Thin ChipArray (CVBGA) Dummy Component
The dummy ChipArray® (CVBGA) is a new package offering by Amkor that has a 0.4mm pitch. In addition to the standard core ChipArray® dummy package (CABGA and CTBGA), Amkor offers thinner mold cap thickness of 1.0mm max. By utilizing a thin core laminate, much denser routing can be achieved, thereby e...
Super BGA (SBGA) Dummy Component
SuperBGA® (SBGA) dummy package is a very low profile, high-power BGA. The IC is directly attached to an integrated copper heatsink. Since the IC and the I/O are on the same side, signal vias are eliminated. The dummy die enables the Practical Dummy Component to have the same characteristics as the ...
Plastic Ball Grid Array (PBGA) Dummy Component
Dummy Plastic Ball Grid Arrays (PBGA) incorporate advanced assembly processes and designs for low cost, high performance applications. Dummy PBGAs are designed for low inductance, improved thermal operation and enhanced SMT-ability and are daisy chained.
Flip Chips-Wafer Level (WLP) Dummy Components
Flip Chips-Pac Tech Dummy Component
Flip Chip describes the method of electrically connecting the die to the package carrier. The dummy package carrier, either substrates or leadframe, then provides the connection from the die to the exterior of the package. The interconnection between die and carrier in flip chip packaging is made th...
Wafer Chip Size Package (WLP) Dummy Component
Our dummy WLP uses interconnection technology to effectively utilize the chip area by making it possible to form electrodes over the entire chip surface. This eliminates the need for the wire bonding space required by previous wiring methods. Also, electrodes are formed using copper posts for a simp...
Flip Chips
Flip Chip describes the method of electrically connecting the die to the package carrier. The package carrier, either substrate or leadframe, then provides the connection from the die to the exterior of the package. The interconnection between die and carrier in flip chip packaging is made through a...
Open-molded Quad Flat Pack (OPQFN)-Quik-Pak
OPQFN - Open-molded Quad Flat Pack No Leads
From prototype to production volumes, these pre-molded QFN packages, created by Quik-Pak, provide a high quality, fast solution for your assembly needs. The pre-molded packages come in a variety of sizes. They are available from 3x3mm to 12x12mm body size with lead pitch sizes ranging from .8mm t...
MicroLeadFrame (MLF, DualRowMLF) Dummy Components-Amkor
MicroLeadFrame (MLF) Dummy Component
MicroLeadFrame® dummy Package (MLF®) is a near CSP plastic encapsulated package with a copper leadframe substrate. This package uses perimeter lands on the bottom of the package to provide electrical contact to the PWB. The package also offers Amkor's ExposedPad technology as a thermal enhancement b...
Dual Row MLF Dummy Components
Amkor's new Dual Row MLF® (MicroLeadFrame®) dummy package with 2 rows of lands is a cost effective, high performance solution for devices requiring up to 164 I/O. Typical applications include hard disk drives, USB controllers, and Wireless LAN. The small size and weight, along with excellent thermal...
FusionQuad® ( (V)FQFP)-Amkor
(V)FQFP FusionQuad®
Amkor's FusionQuad® represents a breakthrough in leadframe-based plastic packaging through the effective integration of ExposedPad QFP and MLF® technologies. FusionQuad® is based upon the addition of exposed bottom lands within a standard VQFP package format. The novel integration of bottom lands pr...
Ceramic Quad Flat Packs (CQFP, LCC)
Ceramic Quad Flat Pack (CQFP)
CQFPs are hermetic packages consisting of true pieces of dry pressed ceramic surrounding a uniformed leadframe with tie bar attached. Lead counts for this package range from 14 to 304, with lead pitch ranging from 15.7mil to 50mils. Package leads are gold or Kovar finish and can be solder-coated by ...
Leadless Ceramic Carrier (LCC)
This surface mount package consists of a ceramic base that has metalized castellations/pads on the sides and bottom of the package. LCC packages have pads on all four sides of the package. Lids for LCCs can be either metal or ceramic. Lids are attached after die attach. This allows for a hermeticall...
Quad Flat Packs (QFP, TQFP, LQFP) Dummy Components
Quad Flat Pack (QFP) Dummy Components
Quad Flat Pack (QFP) Dummy Components have four sides with leads extending from the component body on all four sides. Dummy QFP components come packaged in trays or on tape and reel to protect the component leads that can be easily damaged. An important measurement for QFPs is coplanarity. When the ...
Thin Quad Flat Pack (TQFP) Dummy Component
The dummy Thin Quad Flat Pack (TQFP) packages provide the same benefit of the metric QFP package, but are thinner (body thickness of 1.0mm) and have a standard lead-frame footprint (2.0mm lead footprint). TQFPs are helping to solve issues such as increasing board density, die shrink programs, thin e...
Low Profile Quad Flat Pack (LQFP) Dummy Component
Dummy Low Profile Quad Flat Pack (LQFP) packages provide the same benefit of the metric QFP packages, but are thinner (body thickness of 1.4mm) and have a standard lead-frame footprint (2.0mm lead footprint). LQFPs help to solve issues such as increasing board density, die shrink programs, thin e...
PLCC (PLCC) Plastic Leaded Chip Carriers-Dummy Components
Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier PLCC (PLCC)
Plastic Leaded Chip Carriers PLCC (PLCC) are four-sided "J"Leaded Plastic body packages. Lead counts range from 20 to 84. PLCC packages can be square or rectangle. Body sizes range from .35" to 1.15". PLCCs are JEDEC standard compliant. The PLCC "J" Lead configuration requires less board space versu...
Dual Packages (SOIC, TSOP, SSOP, TSSOP) Dummy Components
Small Outline Integrated Circuit (SOIC)
Small Outline Package (SOIC) body size was compressed and the lead pitch tightened to obtain a smaller version SOIC. This yields an IC package that is a significant reduction in the size (compared to standard package). All IC assembly processes remain the same as with our standard SOICs.
Thin Small Outline Package (TSOP)
Thin Small Outline Packages (TSOP) are thin body size components; thickness is 1.0mm. TSOP packages have four sides and are rectangular. Type I TSOPs have the leads protruding from the width portion of the package. Lead counts range from 28 to 48. Package body size ranges from 8x11.8mm to 12x20mm.
Small Shrink Outline Package (SSOP)
The Small Shrink Outline Package (SSOP) body size is compressed and the lead pitch is tightened to obtain a small version of the standard SOIC packages. Lead counts range from 8 to 64. Body sizes are 209 and 300 mils. The SSOP package is JEDEC and EIAJ compliant. The package leads are solder plated.
Thin Shrink Small Outline Package (TSSOP)
The Thin Shrink Small Outline Package (TSSOP) offers smaller body sizes, smaller lead pitches and package thickness (0.9mm thick) than standard SOIC packages. Body widths are 3.0mm, 4.4mm and 6.1mm. Lead counts range from 8 to 80. This package conforms to JEDEC package outlines.
Resistors, Capacitors, Discretes Dummy Components
Lead-Free Surface Mount Transistors (SMT) Dummy Component
The dummy SOT package is a rectangular surface mount transistor diode with three or more gull-wing leads. The leads are on the two length sides of the package. Dummy component SOT packages are JEDEC compliant. Popular sizes are the SOT23, DPAK, SOT223 and SOT89.
Lead-Free Surface Mount Resistors (SMR)
Surface Mount Resistors (SMR) are best suited for commercial industrial and automotive applications. Chip Resistors are suitable for a wide range of solder processes, and are ideal for high-speed electronic assembly equipment. Chip Resistor body size range from 01005 to 1210. Seven-inch reels are st...
Lead-Free Surface Mount Ceramic Capacitors (SMC)
Surface Mount Multilayer Ceramic (SMC) capacitors come in case sizes ranging from 01005 to 2225. The most popular case sizes are listed in the table below. Parts on tape and reel are available on paper tape or plastic tape. Larger size reels are available upon special request. Practical Components h...
Metal Electrode Leadless Face (MELF Resistors)
Metal Electrode Leadless Face (MELF) Resistors are round or cylindrical in shape. They are available in embossed plastic tape on 7" reels. The terminals on MELF resistors are force-fitted steel caps with Sn plated termination. Parts are also available in Zero-Ohm value. Land pattern sizes for MELF r...
Surface Mount Electrolytic Capacitor (SME)
Surface Mount Electrolytic (SME) capacitors are measured according to the diameter of the can mounted on top of the terminations. Sizes range from 3mm to 24mm in diameter. The most popular sizes are listed below. Please call if different sizes are needed. These components come packaged on plastic em...
Lead-Free Surface Mount Tantalum Capacitors (SMTA)
Surface Mount Molded Tantalum Capacitors (SMTA) are polarized capacitors with solderable terminations. Surface Mount Tantalum packages are identified by case size i.e.: A, B, C and D. These case sizes stand for metric footprints of length and width. For example: A = 3.2 x 1.6mm; B = 3.5 x 2.8mm; C =...
MELF Diodes
Metal Electrode Face Components (MELF) have metallized terminals at each end of a cylindrical body. MELF components are designed to fit the same footprints as flat components i.e., 0805 (.08" x .05") and the 0603 (.06" x .03"). MELF packages are available on plastic tape and reel.
Chip Inductors
SMD Chip Inductors are available in two different types of packages. One type is an overmolded component. The molded Inductor construction provides increased strength and moisture resistance. The multilayer Inductor resembles SMD Capacitors. The design of the multilayer Inductors make them inherentl...
Through-Hole Dummy Components
Plastic Dual In-Line Package (PDIP)
Plastic Dual In-Line Packages (PDIP) are long-established industry standard through-hole packages.
Through-Hole Transistors (TO)
TO type components are through-hole transistors. These are basic electronic components developed in the last forty years. There are many additional types of TO components not listed. TO components come packaged in tubes, bulk, and tape and reel. Not all components types are available in all packagin...
Axial Leaded Resistors
Axial Leaded Resistors are through-hole mounted components. The Practical Components part numbering system for this type of component is based on wattage ratings, i.e.; 1/2 watt = 1/2-W-AR-3.5x9.5MM. AR components are available in bulk, tape and reel or ammo pak.
Through-Hole Glass Diodes
Axial Leaded Through-hole Glass Diode package has been in use for over 50 years in the electronics industry. The body of these parts are glass and the package is hermetically sealed. The "DO" prefix is a JEDEC designation for through-hole diodes. The 34 and 35 references case size. These type of com...